IT Services

Our mission is to provide you with a fast and reliable service for all of your technical needs. HIGS Solutions Ltd will provide you with the best information available regarding I.T. and Telecom Services.
We can design your network setup, configure backup procedures and provide desktop support on most Microsoft packages. We are also able to assist in the planning of your Disaster Recovery plan.

Maintenance Contracts

HIGS Solutions Ltd offer a wide range of maintenance and technical support services including:
• Full Contract with an on-site engineer, if required
• Computers built to your specifications
• Monthly Invoiced Contract
• Ad-hoc Services

Preventative Maintenance / Housekeeping

All of our standard Maintenance and Support packages are tailored to suit your own personal or business needs. Our main focus though is to minimise your system downtime by trying to solve the specific problem on our first visit.
In the unlikely event that we cannot repair your problem immediately, we will leave you loan equipment to support your business while we look into your problem further.

Corporate Clients may take advantage of our Help Desk Support System to manage large installations of PCs and networks. This will help to reduce the workload on your organisation's I.T. department. Smaller organisations can also benefit from the Help Desk Support System. This negates the need for smaller companies to employ their own dedicated I.T. staff. HIGS Solutions Ltd engineers can perform tasks including preventative maintenance, housekeeping and network management to support you and your organisation.

Please call 01268 74 51 51 to speak to one of our advisors regarding the best package to suit your specifications.

Some reputable brands we work with

intel amd dell novell hp microsoft

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