IT Cleaning

IT Cleaning is managed by dedicated individuals who understand the intricate processes required for successful Data Centres Cleaning, Data Room Cleaning, Comms Room Cleaning and Server Room Cleaning.

Our staff are trained for cleaning this type of equipment and infrastructure.

They are issued with the most up to date equipment, are well motivated and have many years experience of Data Centre Cleaning, Data Room Cleaning, Comms Room Cleaning, Server Room Cleaning and PC Cleaning.

We use HEPA filtered vacuum technology to remove dust from rooms. We also use HEPA filtered air scrubbers to remove particulate (dust) from the air during cleaning, so any dust we force airborne is removed from the air. This allows us to meet our stringent cleaning specification of ISO 14644-1 2015 Class 8 or better plus all accessible surfaces free from dust.

  • Comms room's cleaning
  • Data Centre cleaning 
  • Internal server equipment cleaning (servers, switches, tape libraries, etc)